Final Presentation


I have noticed that the biggest problem students have is casting out learned material after the assessment has taken place. I knew that figuring out how to increase their retention past the assessment is one of the most important things I can do as an instructor. I had the students create a project based on the midterm that they just took. Then when the project was complete, they retook the midterm. I found that a majority of my students increased their score the second time they took the midterm, which leads me to believe there has been an increase in retention. If I can refine the method further, I have no doubt that I could help my students immeasurably.

I created this word cloud using Tagxedo. I chose the hand as the template because my students were taking a hands on approach to learning. They were using project based learning to revisit very dry and logic based material. I though the hand was a perfect metaphor for this.

I chose the Phi Delta Kappa Conference that is to be held in Orlando April 26-28. I chose this particular conference primarily due to it’s proximity to my place of residence. This would give me a greater opportunity to actually present should I be called upon to do so. If they accept my proposal, I am not sure that I would attend. I would need to gain a bit of confidence that my presentation is one that will beneficial to those in attendance.

Program Reflection