Action Plan

AR Focus Statement

The problem is the current state of knowledge assessment encourages students to study for the test and then discard the information as soon as the test is over.  My proposed solution is to increase retention through reflection.

Inquiry Question

Once the students have completed the 20 slide Keynote presentation using relevant media examples, will they retain the information more effectively so that they can improve on their original test score?

Forecast Video 

Target Audience

The target audience for Cycle 1 will be made up of 22 college-aged students, 21 male and 1 female. The range of age will be from 18 to 24. A mix of ethnicities will be represented as well: 7 African American, 8 Caucasian, 6 Hispanic and 1 person from India.

The target audience for Cycle 2 was made up of 16 college-aged students, 13 male and 3 female. The range of age was from 18 to 35. A mix of ethnicities was represented as well: 4 African-American, 10 Caucasian, 1 half Caucasian, half Indian,  1 Hispanic and 1 Asian.

Implementation Process

  • The instructional goal is for students to be motivated to reflect on the results of an assessment after it has taken place.  My primary goal will be to have a student retain the material better through reflection.
  • Cycle 1 will take place between May 11th through the 17th. Cycle 2 will take place between June 14th through the 20th.
  • In addition to using Google Docs for my questionnaires and surveys, I will be giving my students a choice of using Prezi or Keynote to develop a presentation.
  • The plan of action will be the same in both cycles.  The implementation will involve the students coming to see what section of the midterm they missed the most questions in, filling out a learning questionnaire and answering a pre/post questionnaire. They will then have to complete a Keynote presentation that involves finding 18 multimedia examples that relate to the material they struggled with.  These can be in audio, photo or video format. After completing the project, they will retake the same section of the midterm.

Assessment and Evaluation Tools

There will be a few different assessment and evaluation tools over the course of my cycles. These will help me gather qualitative and quantitative data that will provide demographic information, an insight into what motivated the students to complete the cycle and test scores that will help me answer my inquiry question. Students will be taking a multiple question Midterm using a Scantron to record their answers.  During the cycle, they will be answering a pre and post questionnaire for qualitative data, as well as a learning questionnaire for that will determine whether they were motivated intrinsically or extrinsically to complete the cycle. This will be accomplished by asking a series of autonomous questions to assess their intrinsic motivation and a series of controlled questions to assess their extrinsic motivation.  I will be sending these questionnaires using

Pre Cycle Survey

Post Cycle Survey

Learning Questionnaire